Is Lash Extension a semi-permanent procedure?

At Brow Secret, from time to time I have to bring to clients’ attention that Lash Extension is a semi-permanent procedure. Why?

Lash extension procedure is done by adhering extensions to natural eyelashes to enhance client’s lash line in terms of length, curvature and fullness.

Suppose procedure is operated in an ideal environment and lash adhesive gives its best retention (7-8weeks).

Since Extensions are attached to natural eyelashes, they will stay on client’s eyes until their natural eyelashes finish growth cycle and eventually fall off.

An average natural lash growing time is somewhere from 4 weeks – 8 weeks, but it varies from person to person.

Lifestyle, health condition, diet, supplements and seasons, allergies from environment can affect lash growth cycle.

How long lash extensions stay on client’s eyes depends on their natural lash growth cycle most of the time.

So, clients should be cautious about their own eyelash growth cycle when investing in lash extension.

The goal is maintaining a healthy cycle.


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Emma Tran.

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