How to prepare for Lash Extension procedure?

Lash Extension is an semi-permanent procedure; lash artist and client both want the best retention possible.

That is why taking good care of them is brutal, but not everyone knows that preparing natural eyelashes appropriately is just as much important.

At Brow Secret, these are steps needed to prepare before eyelash procedure:

  • Client’s natural eyelashes are free of makeup, dust, dead skin, oil… using cleanser pH > 5,5.
  • Avoid applying oil/cream near eyelid area
  • Avoid high stress level, tearfulness
  • No caffeine, eyes will move nonstop during operation otherwise
  • Stop using eyelash strengthening product/lash growth serum 3 days before procedure.
  • Avoid being intoxicating
  • No hair dying/coloring appointment on the same day.
  • No sauna, hot bath or hot yoga on the same day
  • Eyeliner tattoo healed completely(6 weeks)
  • No contact lenses if eyes are dry or sensitive

Enjoy your new set of lash extension!


Best regards,

Emma Tran.



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