What client should know before having a PMU procedure

Getting Permanent Makeup sounds very exciting for all women who love effortless beauty where client wake up with beautifully enhanced face features, here are things clients need to know before investing in PMU procedure.

  1. Check out Brow Secret Disqualification list to see if you are a candidate.
  2. Consider possible risks, hazards and complications below:
    • Pain: Anesthetics work differently on people, and there are people have higher pain tolerance than others. Tattoo on Lip will likely to involve discomfort since the skin is really thin.
    • Infection: Infection usually happen if clients do not take good care of the tattoo area in terms of hygiene. In this case, clients have to take antibiotic or see a dermatologist. Client must follow After-care instructions to avoid infection.
    • Asymmetry: People who have perfectly symmetrical face shape are really rare. However, artist at Brow Secret will try their best to create tattoo that can complement or reconstruct client’s face shape for the least asymmetry.
    • Uneven Pigmentation: Excessive bleeding during procedure, infection or poor healing due to not following after-care are main reasons of uneven pigmentation. Touch-up appointment will likely correct any uneven appearance. In addition, uneven pigmentation usually happens on hyperpigmentation skin and scars which should be addressed at the beginning.
    • Swelling or Bruising: It varies on different skin, people. There is no swelling or bruising in most cases at all. If it does happen, Ice pack might help and it will disappears within 1-5 days.
    • Eye exposure: There is a small risk of pigment getting into the eyes during eyeliner procedure. Using eyedrops before and after procedure will avoid this risk.
    • Anesthesia: Brow Secret artist uses topical anesthetics to numb tattoo area. There are Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine, Prilocaine and Epinephrine numbing types which come in a cream or gel form. Clients need to inform artist if there is any allergic to those name above in the past.
    • MRI: Most pigments used in PMU procedure contain inactive oxides, which can interfere with MRI. Clients must inform medical technician of any tattoos or PMUs.
    • Fever blister/Cold sore/Herpes: Some people are prone to cold sores. These clients need to ask doctor for a antiviral prescription to prevent cold sores. It will drastically affect the end result of PMU procedure: uneven pigment, loss of pigment.
    • Allergic reaction: Allergic reaction to certain ingredients in pigment is possible. Patch test is recommended for clients who get PMU for the first time.
  3. See After-care to make sure you can follow after-care instructions needed to achieve the most positive result as well as best time frame to heal PMU. It normally takes up to 10 days for the skin barrier to fully heal. Clients need to be very cautious about hygiene and sun exposure during this time.
  4. Be prepared prior PMU procedure. Please read thoroughly what to do before the procedure.

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